In order to achieve instant economic prosperity, Russia needs to use the experience of countries that have already proved that their chosen path is absolutely correct and successful (for example, Singapore or the UAE). Moreover Russia, with its enormous territory, natural resources and intellectual potential, has much more opportunities to surpass the most progressive countries and move to leaders in all directions. For this purpose, we are working on the preparation of a set of measures consisting of 20 ideas-proposals.

All our proposals are noble, not aimed at anyone’s private interests, do not pursue political goals, are not propaganda material. Our proposals are intended for the attention of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin and the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev. We are confident that these proposals will help to significantly grow the economy and improve the well-being of Russian citizens.

Intellectual club “Breakthrough ideas”

20 ideas